ACP  Leadership Day On Capitol Hill 2014

Leadership Day on Capitol Hill

Leave-Behind Materials:

  1. ACP Fact Sheet
  2. Summary of ACP’s Key Priorities on Workforce, Payment, and Delivery System Reform
  3. Don’t Let the Opportunity for Full SGR-Repeal Slip Away in 2014
  4. Expiring Medicaid Payment Policy Puts Care in Jeopardy for the Nation’s Most Vulnerable
  5. Enact Bipartisan Medical Liability “Safe Harbor” Legislation and Initiate National Pilot on Health Courts
  6. Reform and Sustain Graduate Medical Education Financing and Support Other Programs to Ensure an Adequate Physician Workforce

Additional Supporting Information:

Key State-by-State Indicators Regarding Payment Rates under Medicaid

Key Legislation Supported by ACP/Current Cosponsors:

The SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act

The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act

Training Tomorrow’s Doctors Today Act

The Saving Lives, Saving Costs Act

Combine Priority Issues for Printing

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