ACP  Leadership Day On Capitol Hill 2012

2012 Leadership Day Priority Issues (i.e. Leave-Behinds)

  1. ACP Facts Sheet[PDF]
  2. Summary of ACP’s Key Priorities on Workforce, Payment, and Delivery System Reform[PDF]
  3. Eliminate Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate and Transition to Improved Payment Models for Patients and Physicians[PDF]
  4. Ensure Funding for Essential Health Programs[PDF]
  5. Reverse Across-the-Board Sequestration Cuts; Enact Alternatives For Achieving Savings and Better Outcomes[PDF]
  6. Enact Meaningful Medical Liability Reforms; Authorize and Fund a National Pilot of No-Fault Health Courts[PDF]
  7. Health Courts Rescue Act of 2012; Section-by-Section Summary[PDF]
  8. Graduate Medical Education as a Public Good: Help Train the Next Generation of Physicians[PDF]

Combined Priority Issues for Printing[PDF]

Current cosponsors of H.R. 5707, the Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act of 2012

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